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Raised With Care: Stewards of the Land

This documentary highlights the collective effort that is needed to ensure food stays safe, animals stay healthy, and livelihoods continue to prosper. This project began by investigating the difficulties and hardships of change, while exploring ways producers and the veterinary community could work together to fight antimicrobial resistance.

What the filmmakers discovered was an industry of stewards who are already collaborating, innovating, and actively changing their practices, to protect the safety and sustainability of the food we eat, and this is the story that Raised With Care: Stewards of the Land tells.

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Raised with Care


The more we know about our animals and our responsibilities to them, the better care we can provide. This, in turn, helps produce a better product and a stronger industry. Here you can find information on important movements and changes within Canada’s food production industry and what they mean for you. Staying current with the latest news and discoveries is just one of the many ways we ensure all our livestock is raised with care.


Raised With Care: Stewardship Sessions

Raised With Care: Stewardship Sessions are a series of interactive conversations with Alberta livestock owners where we discuss animal health issues facing producers, how to identify them, prevention strategies and how a relationship with a veterinary team can have a positive impact on animal welfare, antimicrobial stewardship and your bottom line.